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Our client is a startup that wanted to create a mobile app for sport bets between friends.
The app would provide a simple, but fun experience and will allow users to create private groups to place bets on sports games.


- Branding
- UX/UI Design

Our process

The first step we took was to conduct extensive research on the betting industry and user behavior in this area. We looked at the existing apps in the market and analyzed their strengths and weaknesses.

We identified the following key features that the app should have:
- Easy registration and login process
- Ability to create private groups and invite friends
- Live scores and updates of ongoing sports games
- Option to place bets on different games and sports.

Once the key features were identified, we started working on the UX/UI of the app. We created user flows to ensure that the app would be easy to navigate and use. Then started working on the wireframes and created a clickable prototype.

The visual elements of the app, such as the color palette, typography and iconography were a key part of the project. We needed to design illustrations that could evoke different emotions around the game as it was important to create a fun experience and interface.

We made several iterations based on the feedback, refining the design and improving the user experience until the app was finally ready for development.

We delivered a UI Kit along with the prototype and designs so the development team could implement the components and use them for upcoming features and improvements.

"They had a lot of experience, so they knew how to manage the process and guide the client throughout the partnership."

Co - Founder, Betting company

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Results & feedback

The mobile app had a fun and modern design. Its home screen displayed the upcoming games, and users could select one to see the available betting options and statistics.

The client was really happy with the quality of the deliverables and especially about our agile communication. Their development team had everything ready to start working on the app and we worked closely to resolve any question or issue.

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