About us

We are Pepper

We believe that the best design is created by people who love their job and enjoy the process. That's why we started the studio: to improve digital experiences—and have fun while doing it!

Our Values

Show up with a curious mind

We question, explore, search, observe, test, learn and iterate. We do whatever it takes to learn from different perspectives. We want team members seeking to understand with curiosity and vulnerability.

Be bold

We are not afraid of big challenges. We encourage everyone to feel empower to take action and make decisions, even if that means being wrong sometimes and learn from it.

Celebrate diversity & authenticity

We encourage each of us to be ourselves and we embrace everyone for their unique contributions. We love having different views and experiences. We value team members who speak thoughtfully and listen carefully with an open mind.

We're proud to be a women - owned design studio

Our recognitions

Top B2B Services badge from ClutchWomen owned business badge