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Understanding user profiles to increase conversion

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Backus Ya, an eCommerce service that was born during the pandemic, reached to us to help them increase their conversion rate and improve the overall experience of the website.


- UX/UI Consulting

Our process

At the beginning, we led a workshop with the main stakeholders from the project. We used the Scope Canvas tool, which was really useful to align the expectations with the client and define how the project was going to be measured.

We held stakeholders meetings to gather more data and reviewed the quantitative and qualitative data they collected over the past 6 months. We also observed some users navigating the website and conducted our own analysis from a heuristic point of view. This helped us to start with a good understanding of the purchase types and some hypothesis about the different user profiles.

Then, we selected some users to interview based on their total purchases, average purchase ticket and frequency. We created a semi-structured interview guideline and defined two activities.

We interviewed 10 users. Based on the information from the interviews we found out that there were three profiles. Each profile values different aspects of the service and had specific needs.

"They were excellent professionals with a lot of committed members."

Product Manager, AB-InBev Backus

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Results & feedback

To finalize the project we created a suggested roadmap with the different initiatives based on prioritization workshop and our heuristic findings.

Our research findings motivated the company to reformulate the value proposition based on our recommendations.

We end up the project with a NPS of 5/5 stars in Clutch.

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